About the Creators...

He was the one who came up with the idea that there should be a site completely devoted to randomness. Yetislayer is the tech-guru and webmaster of the Skizzld Team. He updates and uploads. And although, he's rarely seen on camera, he's often busy editing the videos for Skizzld. Currently, Yetislayer is enjoying the Summer, working very hard on the website and playing Pokemon Diamond. He is easily distracted by cats, though, and seems to have frequent "lungth" seizures. Besides Yetislayer, he possesses the nicknames Banoso and Pwnzorxor.

Hobbies: Web design, video games, drawing, making videos with the other two, and extinguishing imploding childs with Zero.


Zero was also the one who thought of making a site devoted to randomness. zero is the main actor in the "My name is Frank" series and also writes the kannibal kool-aid man stories. His hobbies include ping-pong, video games like Halo(1 or 2, now3) Oblivion and other games that are RPG's or shooting games. He also likes to draw and wants to be a cartoon artist as a future occupation.


Icefie is one of the funniest people you could ever meet. His parents let us use their camera so we could finally film with a much better resolution than My Name is Frank or Frank Gets a Phonecall. He is also usually a side character in almost all the frank videos. When he gets older he wants to go to college and become a teacher of some sort. He likes Baseball, football,volleyball and well many other sports. His avatar will be up soon.

Bio of Icefire will be up soon!

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